All accepted participants who wish to take part in the conference (online/on-site) have to register and (if applicable) pay the conference fee by October 9, 2022. The registration opened on September 27, 2022. The accepted participants were notified by email in which they received a link to the registration form. Please note that researchers and students affiliated with Palacký University Olomouc participate in the conference free of charge but subject to registration.

The conference fee is: 

  • 80 EUR per person (reduced to 40 EUR in case of students) for in-person participation
  • 40 EUR per paper in case of online participation

This means that in case of a co-authored paper presented on-site, each author that is physically taking part in the conference is asked to pay the fee. In case of a co-authored paper presented online, only one author is asked to pay the fee. 

The fee can be paid by card (preferred) or by bank transfer. Payment by card is possible via the payment gate immediately upon submitting the registration form or later via a link provided in the registration confirmation email. If you need to use the bank transfer method, complete the registration form and then use the details provided in the registration confirmation email to pay the fee. Remember to put in the variable symbol and the message for recipient to make the identification of your payment easier. 

The fee includes refreshments, access to the conference (web)app Whova, a conference bag, the conference guide, the certificate of participation, and administrative costs (including 21% tax). Online participants’ fee does not include refreshments and a conference bag.

Receipts for fee payment will be issued and sent to your emails before the conference takes place (as long as you requested a receipt in the registration form). 


The conference is open to the public. You can join the conference for free, but have to register in order to gain access our conference (web)app Whova. Having access to the app is a prerequisite for online participation but you will find it useful even when participating on-site in Olomouc. To register, please fill in this short form.