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(1) Names and gender

Proposed by: Ivona Barešová (Palacký University Olomouc)

Names in many countries are typically gender-specific, whether this is legally enforced or completely unregulated, and non-gender-specific names are relatively rare. Recently, however, the attitude toward expressing gender in names has been changing, which is evidenced, among many other things, by numerous parenting and baby name websites reporting and reflecting an increasing interest in names that do not indicate a child’s gender. This panel aims to bring together papers dealing with gender issues in names and naming practices across various Asian cultures, identifying regional and cultural specifics, and their interactions with more general trends. We welcome contributions including but not limited to:

  • current gender-related naming practices and their background
  • transitions in gender marking on names
  • the nature and characteristics of current (non-)gender-specific names
  • motivations for the bestowal of non-gender-specific names
  • the influence of a non-gender-specific name on the young person’s self-perception
  • the perception of non-gender-specific names bestowed upon girls/boys