Paper presentation

There is a time slot of 30 minutes allocated to each paper and we will follow the pattern of (more or less) 20 minutes for presentation and (more or less) 10 minutes for Q&A and discussion after each paper. Please keep in mind that strict timekeeping is crucial for the conference to run smoothly.

In-person presentation

The conference takes place in a university building on třída Svobody 26, 779 00 Olomouc. All Rooms are located on the second floor. The Room numbers are provided in the program available here as well as in the webapp and mobile app in Agenda.

Please come to the Room in which the panel that includes your presentation is scheduled 10 minutes before the start of the entire panel (not just your presentation). There, upload your presentation and any other files you will use onto the computer and check whether everything is in order (e.g., if you wish to use audio or video files, do please test them). There will be a student assistant present in each Room in case you needed assistance. The chair of your panel will also come to the Room around the same time as you. 

Please see also the section on Practical Information.

Remote presentation

Please make sure that you know what time your panel (not just your paper) starts. If you download our conference app, you can see the schedule in your own time zone. You can also have the app notify you about your panel starting soon.

Join the live stream of the Room in which your talk takes place at least 10 minutes before the panel that your talk is a part of starts. There are two basic options how to join the stream. 

  • Go to the Agenda in our webapp Whova. Find your Panel and click on it. There, you will see a streaming window at the top of the page that will give you an option to either join in Zoom or join in Whova. We suggest choosing the option “Join in Zoom” for giving your talk, as this will take you to the native Zoom app which you are probably already quite familiar with and know how to use. In case you do not yet have Zoom, you can download and instal it and familiarize yourself with it before the conference. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use Zoom, simply click on “Join in Whova”.  
  • You can also go to the Zoom streaming of your Room directly from the conference program here by clicking on “Join stream” below your panel.

After you join the live stream, the chair of your panel or a student assistant will ask you to test your camera and microphone, try sharing your presentation if you are presenting live, play any audio or video files that you might want to use, etc. Please use headphones if possible. 

You can then either present your paper in real-time or have your pre-recorded video played by the chair of your panel. Please consider recording your talk beforehand especially in case your internet connection is weak or unstable, your microphone is not working properly, etc. However, we would like to encourage everyone to record their talk even if they intend to present live just in case the technology fails you on the day.

To record your talk, you can use Zoom, for example, where you can simply have a meeting for yourself and record yourself sharing your slides. If you wish us to play your video or wish to have a backup video available for us (organizers) just in case, you must upload the video to Whova before the conference begins. You can upload a smaller video file (up to 200MB) directly to your Speaker Form (see our emails for direct link to your Speaker Form). Bigger files must be stored elsewhere (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive) and then you can add them to your Speaker form as a link. 

Please note that no matter whether you intend to present live or have your video played, you are still expected to join the live stream before your panel starts. Even participants who will use the video presentation option will be asked to say hi before their video is played and are, of course, expected to answer questions and comments in real time.